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At this time orders are only made at Central Bark office, or by calling (541) 451-2373.

Bark Products

Bark Nugget

Bark Nugget - Provides a natural texture for your landscape.  Will not blow away.  Comes in small and medium nugget size.

$45.00 per yard

Fir Chips
Play ground chips

Fir Chips - Decorative. Used in paths, under large shrubs or trees and play grounds. Slowly decomposes while providing good drainage. For good coverage lay about 2 inches in depth.

$29.00 per yard

Fir Hog Fuel
Mud control

Fir Hog Fuel - Mud control and rustic ground covering - Large rustic bark

$20.00 per yard

Fir Sawdust
Animal bedding, plant bedding, ect...

Fir Sawdust - An inexpensive animal bedding or mulch.  Very fine in texture.  Has slow water penetration.  Great for animal bedding (horses), around blueberries and other shrubs and trees.

$18.00 per yard

Hemlock Deco
Ground covering

Hemlock Deco - Ground cover. Helps retain moisture. SLIVER FREE. Works well around children and pets.

$35.00 per yard

Red Fir Deco
Ground covering

Red Fir Deco Bark - Light reddish brown ground cover.  Helps retain moisture. Has slivers.

$25.00 per yard

Garden Mixes

Fill Dirt

Fill Dirt - When Available - Seasonal

$20.00 per yard

Lawn Mix

70% Loam and 30% Mushroom Garden Mix. Great for planting lawns.

$45.00 per yard

When available - Seasonal

Loam Dirt -When available - Seasonal!!  Top with one of our garden mixes when planting a new lawn, flower garden or vegetable garden

$40.00 per yard

Mint Compost (seasonal)

Helps to amend garden soil. Must be worked in with at least 3 inches of soil.

$22.00 per yard

Mint Garden Mix (seasonal)

Fertilized soil. Ready to be taken home and planted in. Wonderful for gardens.

$30.00 per yard

Mushroom Compost
When Available - Seasonal

Mushroom Compost - Helps to amend garden soil. Must be worked in with at least 3 inches of soil.

$43.00 per yard

Mushroom Garden Mix
Great multi use garden mix

Mushroom Garden Mix - Fertilized soil.  Ready to be taken home and planted in. Wonderful for gardens and flower boxes. Good for lawns.

$34.00 per yard

Steer Compost
When Availble - Seasonal

Cow Manure - Straight cow manure.  Promotes healthy growth when added to gardens and raised beds.  Must be worked into the already existing soil.  SEASONAL!!

$23.00 per yard

Steer Garden Mix

Steer Garden Mix - Ready to take home and plant in.  Nice fertilized soil.  Promotes healthy growth in gardens and flower beds.

$28.00 per yard

Rock Products

1 1/2" Drain Rock

1 1/2" Drain Rock - 7/8" up to 1 1/2" in size. Used in laying septic systems and drain fields.  Used where any drainage is needed.

$38.00 per yard

1/4" Crushed

1/4 " Minus Crushed - 1/4" down to fines. Easy to spread and handle. Used in driveways and as a road base.

$38.00 per yard

3/4" Gravel

Gravel 3/4" Minus Crushed - Nice road base. Used in driveways.

$27.00 per yard

3/4" Round Rock

3/4" Round Rock used in landscaping.

$38.00 per yard

Concrete Mix


Concrete Mix - Mixture of crushed rock and fine sand.  Used in concrete.  Need to have cement.

$38.00 per yard

Dune Sand

Dune Sand - Has a very fine texture resembling sugar. Used in sand boxes, beaches, under swimming pools and volleyball pits.

$67.00 per yard

Fill Sand

Fill Sand - Thick, graining textured sand. Used as a leveling agent for paver work.

$40.00 per yard

Pea Gravel 3/8"
Pea Gravel 3/8"

Pea Gravel 3/8"" - Used in playgrounds and landscaping. Very low maintenace. Good drainage.

$38.00 per yard

Red Rock 1/2" X 3/4"

Red Rock - Lava Rock - 1/2 X 3/4 "-  Used for landscaping.  Adds color and texture to your landscape.  May be applied in a thich layer to keep weeds down.  Is heat absorbant so use caution around plants.

$60.00 per yard

Red Rock 3/4" X 1 3/4"

Red Rock - Lava Rock - 3/4" X 1 3/4" - Used in landscaping. Adds warm color and texture to your landscape. May be applied in a thick layer to help keep weeds down. Very heat absorbant - use caution around plants.

$60.00 per yard